Managing creative operations is not a straightforward job. It involves a lot of deliberation and planning. This Task Tracker was designed by United Experiences to help creative managers and individuals manage their tasks and deliver what is required on time.

A study conducted by the University of Hamburg revealed that the focus of our mind drops from minutes to seconds when we are on the web. Human ability to pay attention is about eight seconds as of 2015, down from 12 in 2000 as portrayed in statistics by The Associated Press. Eight seconds is about the same amount of time it took me to type this sentence right now. That’s the reality at your workplace.

The internet has trained our minds to shift attention from one thing to another lightning-fast – mainly irrelevant stuff on social media. As the workloads continue to increase day after day, it’s becoming impossible to memorize more than three tasks at a time, which eventually results in reduced productivity at your agency.

This is exactly why we designed the task tracker – to help you win the race against time. This was intended to be an internal tool but here we are making it public for you to buy and access. Get started now!