The most important element to have spot-on marketing is the brand strategy. An ideal brand strategy can unify a company, influence a market, and architect and implement the brand experience that can directly affect the success of a company. And a brand strategy is important when the economy is booming, or you’re struggling to survive during the pandemic of 2020-21. Yet there’s little training on how to form a simplified yet effective brand strategy.

Our Modern Brand Strategy toolkit is more like a process-kit of creating and strengthening your brand that contains the exact steps and details required to determine:

  • Brand Differentiators
  • Your brand architecture
  • The fundamentals of your company-specific good brand strategy
  • Your brand values and evolution planning
  • Personality traits and your brand means
  • The most powerful emotional benefits your brand delivers
  • Positioning statements and your brand story
  • Brand Strategy Implementation plan

Let’s not bore you by giving a speech on how important brand strategizing is and how so many people take it lightly. We are assuming you’re smart enough to figure that out!

Let’s clarify what this toolkit will and won’t do :

It won’t give you a full strategy (you can look out for our branding guide for a complete strategy package) but will give you the basic fundamentals and technicals to start building a brand. So what’s the difference between this and a full brand strategy? Depth and meaning. This toolkit is a great guide to help you start communicating in a more effective and consistent way with your audience, but it lacks the depth to really give your brand meaning. That’s what a full brand strategy will do, it helps you realize the power of every single input and output for your organization. Thus it creates a brand and communications that really mean something to the audience and really engages with them on a personal level. Don’t get us wrong, using this toolkit will instantly put your communications on another level. This toolkit will ultimately help you in the following ways.


  • Referrals – High visibility among your target audience and a positive reputation have been shown to increase referrals, even from people you have never worked with. More importantly, having a reputation for specific expertise boosts referrals by 60%.
  • Lead Generation – A strong brand makes lead generation easier. Particularly helpful is an increased frequency of self-referrals in which prospects seek out your firm.
  • Business Development – A strong brand also makes it easier to convert prospects into clients. A well-known, trusted firm has fewer obstacles to overcome in the closing process.
  • Billing Rates – Not only can you close prospects more easily, you are also more likely to command premium fees for the work that you do. This is especially true if your reputation is built around high-value expertise. We will be talking more later about the power of high-value, high-visibility expertise.
  • Recruiting – Finding and retaining top talent is a major challenge for many firms. In some professions, it is the primary factor limiting growth. Your Employer Brand is your firm’s reputation as a place to work, and it is very important as a tool to attract and retain top talent.
  • Firm Valuation – Strong brands — including strong professional services brands — tend to command premium valuations in the marketplace. In combination, the factors listed above tend to produce faster growth and greater profitability. In fact, this is the recipe for a premium valuation.


  • Industry Updated Brand Strategy Worksheets which you can directly apply to your internal process of developing your brand.
  • Tons of examples to learn and analyze existing brand-building processes of successful companies.
  • Branding Tips to get you started.

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