If you don’t know where your task is, then you can’t say if your project is on schedule or not. All the planning in the world is useless if you haven’t set up a mechanism to track those tasks and know if the work is being completed or if team members are falling behind.

United Experiences has worked with hundreds of agencies and cumulatively with thousands of projects. Each project has a lot of tasks and it is the job of a project and relationship manager to ensure that everything is in order. Your clients are getting what they want, all your deliverables are in order and priorities are clearly set.

A task can be a to-do list of items. They are typically small, one action items that are required to accomplish a problem. In the activity tracker, tasks are line items in a project plan with start and end dates added to build a project schedule.

Tracking tasks is simply part of management. Think of it as a process by which you can follow a task through the lifecycle of your project. It involves more than just tracking, of course, but also planning, testing, and reporting.

A task needs tracking from all sides, which includes its status, priority, time, human and financial resources assignments, recurrence, notifications, etc.

Features of the Activity Tracker:

  1. Project-wise bifurcation of tasks.
  2. Task Description.
  3. Task Priority
  4. Task Timelines
  5. Completion Rates
  6. Task Analysis
  7. Gantt Charts
  8. and much more…

This is the perfect tool to keep a track of your clients, projects, tasks, productivity, and output. It works great with creative companies but also with other technical and traditional companies. Avail the tracker at a discount now!


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