Partnership Guidelines

Guidelines are in addition to the partnership agreement and are subject to the following terms:

    1. This policy provides our requirements regarding use of the United Experiences(“UE”) logotypes including but not limited to the original logo, its variants, client mark, and all UE event logos and variants or any other brand collaterals and materials, slogans, copyrighted designs or other brand features of UE available for use by UE or third party channels) (“Brand”).
    2. As the need to address future branding concerns arises, we may cancel, modify, or change the terms of this policy from time to time without notice to the brand user (“Partner”). The Partner is responsible for complying with any modified terms.
    3. The Brand is the sole and exclusive property of UE. The Partner’s use of any material implies acceptance of, and agreement with, the terms of this policy. If the Partner does not accept and agree to follow the rules for using the Brand as set out in this policy, The Partner do not have the right to use the Brand and should not use them. Any use of the Brand not in compliance with this policy is not authorized. If The Partner violate the rules set out in this policy, The Partner must cease all use of all Brand, regardless of the uses otherwise allowed in this policy. In addition, UE reserves the right to revoke its approval of The Partner use of the Brand at any time.
    4. Permission is granted to the Partner to use the Brand only on the following conditions:
      1. The brand may only be used in marketing or other publicity materials for the benefit of UE or otherwise with the permission of UE
      2. The brand may not be used in any confusing way
      3. No Logo or material may be used in any way that suggests that UE is affiliated with, sponsors, approves or endorses the Partner, it’s organization, websites, products or services, unless such a relationship exists, or without written permission by UE
      4. No Logo or material may be used in any way that mischaracterizes any relationship between the Partner and UE
      5. Vendors may not use the Brand to advertise UE or its businesses as clients on vendor websites and promotional pieces without our written permission by UE.
    5. All UE Brands are distinctive, designed pieces of graphic artwork. The following usage guidelines must be followed:
      1. Do not modify or alter the logo or any materials.
      2. Do not change scale, skew or rotate any Logo or material.
      3. Do not change the design of any Logo or material.
      4. Do not change or vary the colors of any Logo, except that the Brand may be all black or can be reversed out in white.
      5. Avoid screening Brand to less than 100%.
      6. Do not shrink any Logo to less than 1” in height.
      7. Do not combine a Logo with any other design, trademark, graphic, text or other elements, including the Partner name, any trademarks or any generic terms.
      8. No other design, trademark, text, graphic or other elements may be placed closer to a Logo without first meeting the clear space requirements found in the UE Brand Guidelines.
    6. No Brand material may be used or displayed in any of the following ways:
      1. In any manner that, in the sole discretion of UE, discredits UE or tarnishes its reputation and goodwill;
      2. In any manner that infringes, dilutes, depreciates the value, or impairs the rights of UE in the Brand;
      3. In any manner that is false or misleading;
      4. In connection with any pornography, illegal activities, or other materials that are defamatory, libellous, obscene, or otherwise objectionable;
      5. In any manner that violates the trademarks, copyright, or any other intellectual property rights of others;
      6. In any manner that violates any law, regulations, or other public policy;
      7. In any manner as part of a name of a product or service of a company other than UE
    7. All goodwill generated by the use of any Brand material inures to the benefit of UE. The Partner may not assert rights to any material whether by trademark registration, domain name registration or anything else.
    8. The Partner must, upon request from UE, provide samples of any materials that include the Brand for purposes of determining compliance with this policy.
    9. The Partner must make any changes to the Partner’s use of the Brand that is requested by UE.
    10. Business partners or organizational partners who have agreements with UE must comply with the terms of their agreement in addition to this policy.
    1. On the receival of a project or RFP, UE holds exclusive rights to select the most relevant partner. Partners will be shortlisted and selected within 12 working hours of receiving an RFP and the said will be done on the basis of the size, client preferences, location, availability, services provided and as per the Partnership Index detailed in section 12.
    2. The Partner has the right to accept or decline a project in which case the subsequent relevant partner will be approached. The Partner will have 4 working hours to accept or decline a project. Failure to do so will result in the project being passed on to the next relevant partner at the sole discretion of UE.
    1. On receiving a RFP, UE will forward the same to the partner. The Partner is thereby required to propose a quotation detailing the scope of work and price breakup for each exclusive of the amount to be paid to UE.
    2. In addition to the quotation provided by the partner, UE, using a standard quotation methodology and adding necessary additional fees, the project scope and cost will then be proposed to the client.
    3. The Partner is required to respond with a proposal within 24 hours of a RFP except for Weekends, Bank and National Holidays. In case of a Weekend or a Holiday, the partner is required to respond on the subsequent working day.
    1. UE will the bridge for communications and deliverables between the client and the partner. A Creativity Manager (Relationship Manager or any other authorized representative of UE) will be assigned to each project who shall serve the single point of contact for both the client and the partner.
    2. Partner is required to assign a member of their team (Account Manager) for all communication needs serving as the point of contact for UE.
    3. All meetings will be set and supervised by UE and relevant stakeholders will be kept informed for the same.
    4. Communications will be held over Email, Phone, Video Call or an in-person meeting in this order of preference. UE will introduce and set various technological preferences in order to communicate effectively and will convey the same to the Partner and the client in advance.
    5. The Partner cannot approach or contact a Client for project needs or otherwise without prior authorization from UE and pursuant to section 5 of the partnership agreement (the “Agreement”).
    6. In case of unavailability of a UE authorized personnel at the time or location of service, UE shall request a personnel of the Partner (preferably the account manager) to meet the client in-person or virtually.
    7. In case a personnel from the Partner’s team is required to meet the client or its affiliates, the following conditions will apply:
      1. Partner will have to provide minutes and Audio/Video recording of the meeting to UE.
      2. The agenda and discussion points need to be discussed and pre-approved by the Creativity Manager at UE.
      3. A record and copy of all information shared will be presented to UE.
      4. No personal information should be collected or shared with the client pursuant to section 15 of the Guidelines and sections 5, 6, 7 and 8 of the Agreement.
      5. Partners are required to provide fair and unbiased consult to the client and UE and preserve the brand name and goodwill of the Partner, the Client, and UE.
    8. The Partner or its affiliates are prohibited to use obscene and unprofessional language or indulge in derogatory acts or use unprofessional means to deal with a client.
    9. In case of a dispute during a meeting, the final decision will be made by UE in consideration of the partner and the client. The Partner is not authorized to pass or convey any decision until explicitly authorized by UE pursuant to Section 9.
    10. All fulfilments (logistics) of deliverables to and from Partner and Client will be handled and coordinated by UE and its assigned logistics partners.
    11. The partner cannot send or receive any material from the Client without prior approval from UE. In case of an in-person handover of deliverables, section 4.g. of the guidelines apply.
    12. UE will not be responsible for the procurement of raw materials or any infrastructure required for project execution and fulfilment. However, if mutually agreed, UE will help in the process of the same and trust its vendors and partners to uphold the highest level of quality.
    1. UE will be responsible for the collection of all dues and advance payments or any other monetary exchange required between the Client, the partner, and UE.
    2. All payments are subjected to the realization from the Payee and UE is not held responsible for any payment defaults.
    3. Post realization of funds at UE, the amount will be then transferred to the partner or vendor within seven bank working days.
    4. Payment methods will include payment gateways like Razorpay and PayPal and via cheque or direct remittance.
    5. UE does not, at the moment, insure any for monetary exchange however it enforces strict payment structures.
    6. The payment cycle will depend on the nature of the project to best accommodate the needs of the Client and the Partner.
    7. In case of a payment default, the service will be terminated indefinitely after a mutual agreement on the extension of the due date.
    8. The partner will be informed about all payment-related updates on a regular basis.
    1. The delivery of the project will be handled and managed by UE post-execution. In case the unavailability of a UE personnel or a physical delivery in the local service area, the partner will be required to do the needful in consultation with UE and pursuant to section 4 of the guidelines.
    2. Partners are required to deliver as required, fully-finished works as per the agreed deadline. In case of an imminent delay, the partner is required to inform UE in advance.
    3. For a delay in a project spanning 3 weeks or less, a prior intimation of 48 hours is required, for projects spanning between 3 to 10 weeks, a prior intimation of 1 week is required and for any project spanning more than 10 weeks, a prior intimation of 15 days is required.
    4. Failure to deliver on time will be held against the partner in the Partnership Index.
    5. In case of a delay of 2 days or more caused by the client or UE as per the agreed schedule, the deadline will be forwarded by the same number of days as the delay.
    1. The partner can display the work they have done for a Client of UE on their Portfolios and Website with Client Mark supplied in the Media Kit and in accordance with the Brand Usage Guidelines (Section 1 of the Guidelines).
    2. The partner cannot feature any work or logo of a Client of UE without the client mark displayed at the top-right corner of the said visual. The client mark cannot be of size lesser than 20px in height.
    3. The partner cannot commercially reproduce any project previously executed or currently being executed for a Client of UE. The partner can also not provide, fully or in part, a project that has been previously or currently being executed for commercial purposes, to a client of UE. No commercial reproduction of any work is allowed without explicit authorization from UE co-signed by the client.
    1. In case of a project that requires more resources than at the disposal of any one partner, UE will bring together two most relevant partners to share their resources. Resource Sharing cannot be done if a single partner matches the need of the project and is willing to execute it on a standalone basis.
    2. Resource Sharing can also be arranged at the special request of the client or partners.
    3. In the case of two or more partners working together to execute a given project, the project and the partnership will be managed by UE including distribution of tasks, resource procurement, revenue sharing, etc. in consideration and consultation with all partners.
    4. No explicit agreement will be required to be signed between two partners as all stakeholders will be bound by their agreement with UE. However, an agreement will be proposed and executed by UE if deemed necessary.
    5. All terms of the agreement, guidelines, and serviceability apply to any project that is done under resource sharing.
    6. Efficiency and Quality will be the prime focus of a project requiring resource sharing and will adhere to the standards set and communicated by UE.
    1. All disputes associated with a project or partnership facilitated by UE between Partners, Clients, and Vendors will be arbitrated and handled by UE.
    2. UE holds exclusive right to settle a dispute and take the final decision in case of a disagreement. The same shall be done with due and unbiased consideration of all parties and arguments involved.
    3. The arbitration will also adhere to section 15 of the Agreement.
    1. The Partner is required to comply with all legal, financial and ethical practices as set by respective governing bodies and UE.
    2. The partner cannot engage in any illegal or unethical practice at any point with or without informing any personnel at UE.
    3. The partner must adhere to all laws as prescribed by the state, the nation, internationally, a trade body or any other governing body. Laws of the country of origin of the client, the partner and UE apply.
    1. UE holds the right to audit a partner’s work, compliances and partnership with UE at a regular and unannounced basis limiting to a maximum of 5 times a year. 
    2. The Partner is required to cooperate and provide all necessary documentation and information for a successful audit. A failure to do so would result in a drop in partnership index or termination of the partnership.
    3. At no point will UE share or reveal or reproduce in any form the documents and information provided to UE by a partner without prior written consent.
    4. Audits are required to ensure the utmost quality and are not intended towards compromising the dignity and privacy of a partner. UE ensures a fair and unbiased assessment of information.
    1. Partnership Index is a ranking system devised by UE to measure and evaluate the performance of a Partner.
    2. Partnership Index is a score (out of 10) with equal weightage given to the following factors:
      1. Experience in the industry & Partnership Duration
      2. Quality of Work & Client Satisfaction
      3. Communications
      4. Cooperation & Conduct
      5. Timeliness and Speed
    3. A demerit point is a deduction of 0.5 points from the Partnership Index and is levied when a partner fails to conduct or adhere to a guideline prescribed by UE.
    4. UE holds the right to terminate the partnership if the Partnership Index drops below 4.
    5. Partnership Index is revealed to the partner only after the completion of a successful audit.
    1. The Partner is authorized to use the UE logo, client mark and the agency partner badge in all marketing and promotional materials in adherence to the Brand Usage Guidelines (section 1).
    2. UE, in addition to its central marketing strategy, will ask the partner to aid in local marketing for an authorized budget and campaign.
    3. Promotion of the brand of UE along with that of a partner by a partner needs authorization from UE but is open to the creative strategy of the partner.
    1. The partner can use the brand name of UE to drive more sales for itself however, UE must be informed of the same.
    2. If a partner cannot service a client, UE encourages the partner to refer UE instead so that the lead can be paired with a suitable partner in the respective area. In case of referrals, UE shares 50% of the commission, recurring or one-time based on the project, with the partner who provides a referral.
    1. Due to the sensitive nature of the work, the privacy of the client, UE, a vendor or any other affiliate should never be compromised by a partner.
    2. Work done under by a Partner under the UE brand name is the intellectual property of UE however the partner has non-commercial reproduction rights pursuant to sections 5, 6, 7 and 8 of the Agreement.
    3. The use of any unsecured channel or medium for production, distribution or storage of work is discouraged.
    4. When working on a client site, the partner and its affiliates are required to respect the privacy of the client, refrain from trespassing, consuming any resources without prior permission.
    5. The partner or its affiliates must not indulge in any unwarranted behaviour on or off the client site.
    6. The partner or its affiliates must not reveal knowingly or unknowingly any information or intellectual property of UE, its client and its affiliates without prior permission. 
    1. UE holds quality, integrity and ethical practices at the highest standards as a result of which it discourages any form of misconduct.
    2. Non-compliance to any of the aforementioned guidelines will be held against the partner and will account for demerit points in the Partnership Index and may result in termination of Partnership.
    3. All illicit acts of criminal, corporate or civil nature or any other form of illicit activity will be subject to prosecution and UE shall not bear any costs incurred, legal or otherwise.
    4. UE is not held liable for any activity conducted by a partner without prior written consent. UE shall not bear responsibility for any default, illegal or unethical practice or misconduct of any form committed by the Partner.
    5. All activities outside the scope of the project are the sole responsibility of the partner.
    1. In order to provide service to a client assigned by UE, the partner must agree and adhere to all the aforementioned guidelines. Violation of any may result in actions as detailed in Section 16.

For any issues or queries, contact us at [email protected] from 10 AM to 1 PM from Monday to Friday.

Guidelines were last updated August 1, 2020.