Discovering Creative Fiduciary (CreFi)

CreFi Fosters

What is CreFi?


CreFi (short for Creative Fiduciary) is United Experiences’ Advanced Creative Selection Algorithm designed to recommend the most ideal creative partner as per your requirements. We engineered CreFi to factor in a diverse range of decision making parameters that influence the output of the work. It has been perfected over months of development time to generate a final CreFi Score that helps you determine if the partner is right for you. Once you have a CreFi Score for a company, that’s all you need! and we’re just getting started…

How Does It Work?


It all starts with your intent to find the right creative partner for you. We input your requirements like services, agency preferences, location, industry, market type, etc into CreFi.

Remember, RIGHT is better than the BEST.

Hunting the Partner

CreFi understands your requirements, puts on its cape, and goes hunting amongst millions (or even billions) of data points. Once it’s done and dusted, CreFi recommends the top 10 agencies as per your requirements. Phew, must take time? Not really! It’s all done in a matter of minutes on our super-fast computation engines.

Enter the Matchmaker

Once CreFi has shown its magic, now it’s time for our relationship team to shine. Our executives scan through each of the ten agency recommendations proposed by CreFi. They vet the choices and compare them with your needs. The top 3 agencies are then informed to produce a proposal.


Once, we have the proposal from the 3 chosen agencies, we forward them to you with a brief of the agency and a CreFi Score (CRFS) – a metric that represents the worthiness of the agency of your project. Since the CRFS is generated on a per-project basis, the agency with the highest score is the best to execute on your needs, quite literally.


If you are convinced with the agency, we go ahead and process the rest of the formalities to make the partnership a success. What if you don’t like the agency? Well, that’s what we’re here for. No matter what happens, we’re here to find a better match in the future or perhaps lend you a shoulder, and don’t worry, we won’t take away half your wealth.

The Impact

Higher Trust

The Primary Job of CreFi is not to select agencies but to breed trust.

A Perfect Match

CreFi has resulted in 83% increasing agency-client compatibility meaning it is the reason behind a lot of perfect matches.

Longer Relationships

Agencies and Clients matched by CreFi last about 2x longer than the ones without CreFi.

Beating Reviews

Reviews are a thing of the past. We have risen! CreFi beats the sh*t out of those who evaluate companies over just a few stars.

Are You Ready?