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United Experiences (UE) is dedicated to building a trustworthy ecosystem of creative companies. While our Corporate Partners, who are your and our bread and butter, might be the superhero in the movie, they aren’t complete without our extensive range of creative agencies. This is your chance to join one of the world’s fastest-growing creative networks and at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you. We have highlighted all that you need to know on this page and we look forward to having your signature on the agreement in the next 5 minutes of reading this.

Are You Eligible?

  • Your agency needs to be older than 1 year for you to be eligible to become an agency partner. However, if you are a freelancer or an agency that has recently been established, do not worry. We have your back too. Just write to us at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

  • UE is a network of creative companies meaning we only work for creative empowerment. To the right, you will see a list of services we offer. If you fall into the category of one or more of those services then we’re eagerly waiting to partner with you.

  • UE is known for the trust we offer to our clients and partners. If you as an agency or your senior management have a criminal record dating to the past five (5) years or any ongoing litigation then we’re sorry to inform you that we cannot accommodate you. Perhaps you can try again later.

  • Our proprietary algorithm – CreFi uses a variety of factors (seriously, a lot) to measure your effectiveness before offering you a project. In order for us to offer you the right project, we need to know about you, your past projects, your management, your clients, and much more. We can ensure that the information is not shared or distributed in any manner outside of UE. However, if you are someone who can’t share vital information because “you have an NDA” or “not comfortable sharing” then please do not bother reading ahead.

    NOTE: UE or its affiliates will never ask for any sensitive information that could result in loss of property, damage, theft, or incrimination. DO NOT SHARE any OTP or other financial information. We don’t ask for it.

  • As you may have understood, we hold creativity in very high regard which also means we cannot have laggards on board. If you are not as dedicated and committed to solving our client’s problems as we are then why even exist in an ever-growing creative world? If you are that person, then just go ahead and sign the agreement!

Types of Agency Partners

We have partners in the following areas of work:

  • Branding & Communications
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Design & Development
  • Media & Entertainment

These are just broader areas of work. You can check out the complete list of services below.

Partnership Benefits

  • Given the non-exclusive nature of the partnership, you only set to gain from partnering with UE. There no UPFRONT COSTS for partnering with us which essentially means you can grow your revenue by many multiples. Due to our extensive network of corporate partners and clients, there is no shortage of projects. If CreFi qualifies you for a project, it’s most likely to be yours. In other words, a WIN-WIN.

  • CreFi not only evaluates agencies but also clients meaning the clients you get are the clients you are going to love and well, in a case you don’t, we always have backups. Our clients will not only be a great addition to your portfolio but also offer you an experience that helps you grow as a brand.

  • Quite often in agency life, you come across a project that is not fit for you. Maybe the budget is a mismatch, the location is quite distant, the service is not provided by you or the client is just irritating. In such cases, the potential business is lost. NOT ANYMORE. With UE, whenever you come across an opportunity that’s not fit for you, you can pass them on to us and we shall take care of them. We will find them the right fit and ensure the client’s needs are attended to. What’s in it for you? For every client you refer to us, and we close them, you receive 50% of our earnings in the project. Now, that’s just easy money.

  • While doing a project you are never alone. We are always there with you along the way. When you do a project facilitated by UE, we help with the following:

    • Timely Payments
    • Administrative Communications
    • Client Servicing
    • Delivery Management
    • Tool and Technologies to help serve the client better and more…

    Now, who does that? We are not just your namesake partners. We also see it through. We ensure the client receives the works as required and you receive your compensation as desired. Wonderfully awesome, eh?

  • UE is a global nexus of creative companies. We will not only help you gain international exposure but also help you foster collaboration and efficiency in your work. As a part of UE’s network, you also stand a chance to partner with other agencies across the world for various projects on a resource-sharing basis. We foster and facilitate inter-agency collaboration for selected projects which in turn empowers all stakeholders in the process. Even if you aren’t doing resource-sharing projects, you are still part of a giant creative web that you can always leverage on.

  • You have complete operational autonomy in terms of creative processes. We are not in the business of impeding how you do your job. We are here to help you do it better. We take care of proposals, agreements, payments, and administrative communications so that you can focus on what matters the most – your project output.

  • Like we said there are NO UPFRONT COSTS. You do not pay us anything to become our partner. You share 20% of the billing amount (pre-tax) with United Experiences only when you get paid. Basically, we don’t get paid until you do making the partnership with NO DOWNSIDE!

No Upfront Costs, More Revenue, Better Portfolio, A Global Effect, More Success. You Practically have NOTHING TO LOSE. Only a Fool Would Say No!


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